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"I couldn’t put a dollar figure on what it would cost to add personnel to do the same thing that Street Smart does. It just makes sense to use this software."

Chief Mike Diekhoff
Bloomington, IN Police Department


"One of our biggest successes with Street Smart is in the first 48 hours. By the time a report would have ended up on a detective’s desk, we are solving the crime and you can’t do that without technology."

Deputy Chief Lee Bercaw
Tampa Police Department

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"The ability to seamlessly share integrated crime information and investigative leads among all levels of the Police Department, through a single real-time software platform, has been a force multiplier in the crime analysis capabilities of the officer in the field."

Chief Kipp Shimpeno
Pembroke Pines Police Department

Crime Reduction Stats

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Fulton County Crime Stats Image_speed up the crime fight_2018
Tampa Police Dept crime stats diagram_2011_2017



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Street Smart is reducing crime through real-time information sharing and collaboration.

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Help your officers solve crimes faster with the new & improved, easy-to-use tools of Street Smart.

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