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Part II: Situational Awareness: Officer Safety & Crime Reduction

Posted by John Bennett on May 22, 2018

We have introduced a blog series titled “The Essence of Street Smart: A 12-part Blog Series”, to share with our readers what the ‘essence’ of our law enforcement solution, Street Smart really is. This post is the second blog in this series.

Part 11_Situational Awareness_Officer SafetySituational awareness is mindful of the phrase: “There’s what I know; there’s what I know, that I don’t know; and then there’s what I don’t know that I don’t know.” It’s the latter part of the phrase that requires situational awareness in true, real time. Making information and intelligence available, and searchable, around the clock to the entire agency is invaluable for officer safety and crime reduction.

For example, a detective is looking at a person of interest in a homicide investigation. Many detectives tend to hold onto their investigative information, and rightfully so, as they have to be the one to manage the case to a legal closure or arrest, and ideally - future prosecution. Unfortunately, this is a potentially dangerous person to a patrol officer or deputy who comes in contact with that individual and doesn’t know the risk factors. The difference between a wanted person for homicide, and a person of interest means that the investigation has not revealed a level of probable cause to make an arrest.

In Street Smart, everyone, including detectives, has the immediate ability from the field or the desk to make an officer safety, person of interest bulletin about a homicide. This bulletin does three distinct things. First, it provides that real-time situational awareness to all frontline resources intra- and interagency as needed. Next, it allows the lead detective to understand what to do, what not to do, and who to contact should an officer/deputy come into contact with the individual in question, as to not jeopardize the investigation. Lastly, by using a dedicated, crime-fighting platform — versus email or roll call boards — the situational awareness is always available and also categorized by priority and geography.

Street Smart is the 24/7/365 communication-enhanced, crime-fighting solution that allows 100 percent of the agency to have situational awareness and help remove the ‘what I don’t know, I don’t know’ aspect of their shift and area of responsibility. Additionally, our revolutionary solution allows an immediate feedback loop to update and map the situational awareness in true, real time.

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