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Part V: The Essence of Street Smart: Surgical

Posted by John Bennett on Aug 17, 2018

We have introduced a blog series titled “The Essence of Street Smart: A 12-part Blog Series”, to share with our readers what the ‘essence’ of our law enforcement solution, Street Smart really is. This post is the fifth blog in this series.

Part VIt’s football season!

Once again, teams’ offense and defense will square off to win [or lose] a game and hopefully a championship at all levels of competition. So, how are the offense and defense in football analogous to policing? Well, we know that being on defense is reactive; and, when the offense has the ball, they are being surgically proactive - forcing the defense to react to their playbook.

Many police chiefs/sheriffs today speak of being proactive. If being proactive requires an agency to use delayed data to know their crime and problem hotspots – isn’t that playing defense or being reactionary? Proactive crime fighting requires more than merely having data, it requires [true] real-time communication and information, much like players have to hear a quarterback’s audible when the offensive play changes at the line of scrimmage.

Street Smart™ is an agency’s surgical playbook to switch to offense in combating crime and quality of life issues. By adding real-time information and communication to all players, they take what was once reactive data and adapt their playbooks to do What’s Important Now – or W.I.N. the most important game there is: Public Safety.

Street Smart has not only proven that it supports an agency shifting from reactionary to preventative, it is also showing that surgically being proactive is simultaneously lowering arrests and increasing clearance rates within an agency’s mission and strategic plan. If you want to move your agency to the other side of the ball instead of being stuck on defense request a demo of Street Smart.

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