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Part XI: The Essence of Street Smart: Sustainment

Posted by John Bennett on Apr 04, 2019

We have introduced a blog series titled “The Essence of Street Smart: A 12-part Blog Series”, to share with our readers what the ‘essence’ of our law enforcement solution, Street Smart really is. This post is the eleventh blog in this series.

Part XI_SustainmentLaw enforcement agencies are often questioned as to their succession planning by the executive, command, and line levels of the organization, as well as the general public and policy makers. The ultimate interest tends to be the sustainment of the hard work and outcomes of the current team. Interestingly, the dictionary offers antonyms of sustainment as either intermittent or sporadic, which is the last thing anyone wants for public safety!

Quite often, when a new chief of police or sheriff is sworn in to serve a community, the new leadership wants to build upon the great foundation of the previous administration; and conversely, the previous administration’s hope is that the next administration will continue to improve. This certainly does not involve intermittence or sporadic performance.

Street Smart® is more than just another policing technology. Designed around the evidence-based, intelligence-led policing model in true real time, agencies can begin to support their succession and sustainment through a strategic-to-tactical utilization of this revolutionary software. By housing information about crime, offenders, problems, and historical data, the next generation of personnel can sustain the mission, vision, values, and strategic foundation of the previous leadership after a warm handoff.

Our citizens and the frontlines of our agencies should not have to reinvent themselves due to repeat victimization, mediocre offender data, and situational awareness. They expect enhanced and sustained levels of service today and tomorrow through efficient and effective leadership. Street Smart offers that proven, reliable, affordable ILP platform for holistic success, both today and tomorrow, by housing hard-earned knowledge in a simple-to-use actionable format. Successful sustainment is for the betterment of the agency, community, and the law enforcement industry. A department’s smooth and complete transfer of knowledge saves time, enhances officer safety, reduces risk, maintains community trust, and ensures the future success of the agency.

Street Smart, a 24/7 a front-line, real-time information platform, typically costs less than a daily purchased newspaper for each sworn personnel.

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