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Part XII: The Essence of Street Smart: Synchronous

Posted by John Bennett on May 31, 2019

We have introduced a blog series titled “The Essence of Street Smart: A 12-part Blog Series”, to share with our readers what the ‘essence’ of our law enforcement solution, Street Smart really is. This post is the twelfth blog in this series.

“None of us are as smart as all of us.”
- Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager

Part XII_SychronousThe 12th eSSence of Street Smart™ element is Synchronous. This is an extremely important “all-in” type functionality requirement for law enforcement agencies, who need the right information at the right time for the right reasons in order to reduce crime and keep their communities safe. When an agency’s frontline resources of officers, deputies, troopers, detectives, analysts, and dispatchers speak to each other in a silo, only a few benefit from the information. This leaves gaps in the crime-solving and situational-awareness puzzle, and lessens officer safety while actually allowing the offenders to thrive. Street Smart empowers an agency to become a crime-fighting team by sharing important information (crime, bulletins, discussions, offenders) in true real time to keep everyone safe and to solve crime quickly to prevent new crimes from occurring.

While many “other” solutions on the market for crime control will tout some capabilities, Street Smart completes the intelligence cycle in a synchronous manner so everyone can be fully informed 24/7/365. This allows the department’s leadership to know they provided the absolute best Intelligence-led Policing (ILP) tool to have individual ownership of “reading and feeding” in a real-time sharing platform that has proven results in the field. Often, these other platforms connect and push cold (delayed) data to the agency that does not help the dynamic process of leading data to information, knowledge, and ideally reaching a level of wisdom to lower-risk related activities that do not correlate to the leadership and the needs of the community. Street Smart enables, in a simplified user interface, the ability to push, pull, and be highly interactive across the entire agency (and region) in real time.

Street Smart’s process was literally born from the hard work on the streets, and the easy-to-use design was uniquely influenced by real crime solvers in the actual way they do business, which is why it continues to be a difference-making solution in communities across the country. By focusing on “what’s important now” or the W.I.N. model configured and embedded into Street Smart by each agency’s specific and strategic requirements, this tactical ILP tool allows for the synchronous sharing of information to everyone at once, but also offers the scaling effect of layering and filtering to each user’s needs.

If your agency wants an atypical, revolutionary game changer for crime reduction and frontline safety by getting away from asynchronous communication and moving toward Blanchard’s quote — “None of us are as smart as all of us” — then schedule a demonstration with one of our hero-making team members at Street Smart LLC.

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