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Part I: Speed. The True Backbone of Street Smart

Posted by John Bennett on Apr 16, 2018

We have introduced a blog series titled “The Essence of Street Smart: A 12-part Blog Series”, to share with our readers what the ‘essence’ of our law enforcement solution, Street Smart really is. This post is the first blog in this series.

Asset 1_speedStreet Smart™ helps agencies transform their communication processes by speeding up the information and intelligence cycle within the agency, and the even broader law enforcement partners - if the solution is regionalized. Criminals don’t know borders, so the more borders you have, the more an agency needs to share, and share fast. Anything an agency holds onto in their workflow and technological processes can put their fellow officers, deputies, and other first responders at risk, not to mention the public. Street Smart’s core DNA is speed, situational awareness by distribution, and sense-making; of the three, speed is the system’s true backbone. Solving crime, by working the information immediately upon validating a crime, post-CAD, but pre-RMS, allows the agency’s critical mass of front line resources to begin crowdsourcing solutions. This does two very important things that transform those traditional workflows that tend to empower the offender.

First, by solving crimes quickly through immediately plotting the offense and using real-time information and intelligence to augment the decision-making processes, this helps prevent additional crimes and patterns from developing.

Second, when the agency’s critical mass gets empowered through an open sharing platform, the speed of solving a crime quickly helps the workflow, prioritization and quantity of latent case management. By doing this, detectives can better focus on those serious cases and major offenders to help ensure quality prosecution and conviction rates.

With the efficiency and effectiveness of the aforementioned, momentum shifts within the agency to one of proactivity and more control of the jurisdictional crimes, quality of life issues, and even a pulse on homeland defense and security – which all starts locally.

Street Smart’s success with our customer in Tampa, Florida, the Tampa Police Department, came literally a few days after deployment and a quick roll call training. An officer made a bulletin of a commercial burglar in real time, posted it in Street Smart, and in a different district, on a different frequency, the offender wearing the same clothes was detained, arrested and found in possession of the stolen, commercial property. Traditional prioritization and workflows would not have allowed the quick apprehension of the suspect as he was a transient in the downtown sector.

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